GCSE and A Level French- 23/02/2021

Bienvenue and welcome to another French email! I’m Holly, and this is my first time writing the GCSE and A Level emails! I will be sharing tips and resources that are (hopefully!) useful to anyone in KS4/5 studying French. 

Study Tip: Change your phone to French!

Although this sounds daunting, it can actually be very useful for picking up vocab, especially anything technology related (which is one of the topics for both GCSE and A Level!). Changing your whole phone in to French is definitely a big step, so you could always start by changing a couple of apps that you use a lot, like Instagram or Facebook, and see how you find it.

Culture Vulture: innerFrench podcasts

Listening to the Intermediate innerFrench podcast is a great way to stay up to date with social and political issues, not just in France, but also in other French speaking countries and in the world more generally. You can download and listen to the podcasts for free on many platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. 

I tend to listen to episodes whilst going for a walk, and I think it’s really useful to aim for a general understanding, rather than trying to understand every word. There is also no pressure to listen to an entire episode in one go, as sometimes it can be quite tiring to concentrate for long periods of time! 

There is such a wide range of topics and really something for everyone! Personally, my favourite episode was was about whether the French language itself is sexist. But there are are so many episodes on so many topics and it is really useful, not only for gaining exposure to spoken and written French (as there are transcripts of each episode too!). For A level students, it can also be a good way of finding key examples for all the themes from francophone countries for the speaking exam.

Resource: Memrizer

For GCSE students memorising any speaking questions, or A Level students memorising an IRP presentation, this is a really useful (and free!) website to take you through the process of committing things to memory! By gradually removing letters and then entire words, it definitely makes what is usually a more tedious part of revision a bit more bearable. My teacher recommended this to me and I have never looked back!

That’s all for this week!

I hope this has been helpful! Although at first it can seem a bit daunting, trying to immerse yourself in French can be really helpful in the long term, and you can end up learning useful phrases that you may not necessarily learn in the classroom!

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Holly, French Blogger at Languages Revision & Support

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